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The European manufacturer of snacks for dogs and cats.

OK Nutripet

As producers of snacks for dogs and cats, we are an independent family business, focusing on private label production. Retailers all across Europe have chosen OK Nutripet, thanks to our determined long-term view and well-considered day-to-day management.

From the start of our company in 2003 it was clear to us: we wanted to sell an outstanding product at a fair price. It goes without saying that we care about more than just the price and the product. All our customers’ needs are important to us. We value, for instance, a good relationship (of trust) with our customers. In addition, we provide excellent logistics and we engage in product development to stay attuned to our customer’s ever-changing needs.

However, in our vision it takes more than that to run a successful business. We are convinced that the quality of our product is improved by the raw materials and packaging that we obtain ethically. Both the environment and people are important to us in this process.

Our company

In order to achieve the high quality we offer, a few basics are required. In addition to first-class raw materials and – naturally – good quality control we have certain means at our disposal that make us unique. Our modern building, high-tech equipment and our committed staff all contribute to the quality of our end product. Read more…


Through the years, we have built a diversified range of snacks. The recent extension of our machinery with a semi-moist production line has made it possible for us to also offer semi-moist snacks in addition to the biscuits. The semi-moist and biscuit range consist of a variety of snacks in a multitude of packages. The extensive choice of products and packages enable you to meet your customer’s expectations. Our focus is the production of natural, healthy snacks with honest, high-quality raw materials.

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Quality control

Being a private label producer, we are very much aware of the fact that it is not our own, but the customer’s name on the packaging. It is, therefore, of the utmost importance that our high-quality products help build our customers’ good names. Making sure the entire team is always keenly aware of said quality is, therefore, a top priority within OK Nutripet. It is of the utmost importance that our customers trust us, and we will do everything we can in order to safeguard that. Read more…

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