Our company

In order to achieve the high quality we offer, a few basics are required. In addition to first-class raw materials and – naturally – good quality control we have certain means at our disposal that make us unique. Our modern building, high-tech equipment and our committed staff all contribute to the quality of our end product.


The building in Kapelle  we moved into in 2009 features a state-of-the-art machine park. The main part of the production process is operated by our fully automatic equipment, enabling us to produce effectively and to serve the largest retailers in Europe. In addition to the automated part of our production, the dedication of or motivated staff is also vital.


The main part of our production park is characterized by fully automatic production and packaging lines. Continuous monitoring and direct adjustments in the production process enable us to realize a constant excellent quality. We invest annually to guarantee this high quality for the future. This keeps our machinery energy efficient and up-to-date. Our extremely modern packaging lines allow us to anticipate our customers’ needs quickly.


Besides our self-regulating equipment there is another factor that contributes to achieving reliable quality: our staff. Due to the short lines within the organization, comments regarding improvements for the production process are easily shared. These short lines are vital to us and our company. It keeps our staff keen and makes them feel at home in our company. Due to this commitment, attention for and dedication to the end product are guaranteed.

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